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Sexological Bodywork & Somatic Coaching
Sexological Bodywork & Somatic Coaching

Normally a range of face to face, hands on and online sessions would be available, however due to the fast changing world and volatile global situation we find ourselves in all sessions are now being offered via online video call (generally Zoom but any accessible platform that is supportive).

It is incredible just how much sexological bodywork and somatic work can be transferred through the online landscape and into meaningful support, growth and learning in your body and mind.

I and many of my colleagues believe that this work has never been more needed. With an increased pressure on relationships and family structures, significant change in our social and economic systems and over activity of certain parts of the nervous system due to increased screen time, the support and value this work can offer is immense.

I am excited and passionate about the idea of working with you and  tailoring sessions to your specifics needs and goals. Whether it be simple embodiment and ongoing support, expansion of your pleasure systems or up-skilling the communication in your relationship, there is something here for you.

I work with individuals, couples and people in all relationship constellations.

Some of the things that may bring you to a session are....

Intimacy & relationships 
Authentic communication 

Mindful pleasure 

Pain & discomfort
Anatomy & pleasure

Performance anxiety

Ejaculation choice

Arousal & attraction
Expression & voicing desires 
Conscious touch 

Sexual identity
Breath & movement

Working somatically online means we creatively utilise all the space between and including where I am, the technology and where you are.

You'd be surprised by the number of possibilities and opportunities we can explore through working in this way. 
Online Session Rates
Single $160  |  3 pack $450  |  5 pack $750 
Couples & Relationships
Single $220  |  3 pack $600  |  5 pack $950
8 pack $1100  |  10 pack $1350


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Tel: +61 420 928 930

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